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xbox one power supply – review and tips before buy

I’m here to provide you with a quick product review, often times when I get things to review, these are usually video game research articles or when it comes to products and things like headphones Gaming Mice or keyboards, but every once in a while a company may contact me and have me review something completely different still related to gaming and the item in question here is the Xbox One power supply

YC CT xbox one power supply less expensive

this may look like the one from official Microsoft but what not what I’m going to go over the comparisons in a moment, this one here was made by a third party company known as YC CT and I’ve been using it for over two weeks now and in dan s the most difficult conditions because my room did not burn does not catch fire in the north is melted in any way the initial reaction here is ac actually quite positive to the point where I would easily recommend it under the most severe conditions hard I try to get to is the fact that my room during the summer is unpleasant because I am located in the garage with a non-working air conditioning, you might be able to see that maybe not, but again, it’s extremely hot here and it worked perfectly to the point where there is no problem

xbox one power supply


now to review the comparisons between this one and the price will be dropping now the official Microsoft that I have here will cost you a little money to replace, but if you need something a little less expensive, it will only cost you 19.99 dollars, so if you need something a little cheaper than honestly, it doesn’t hurt to go with this model here or unless if you want something to add to a duffel bag if you take your Xbox one with you often enough now,


here are the comparisons between the two starting with how it is actually a little lighter compared to that of Official Microsoft, the official Microsoft certainly has a lot of weight at this point to the point where it looks like a brick now, the other comparisons between the two will consist in the fall on the official Microsoft, it actually labels the Xbox well on the other model the YC CT has actually a three-pin connection you also get the little xbox one power supply and the other comparison is at the other end here, the official Microsoft will actually have the Xbox logo there while the YC CT doesn’t honestly, it’s really the only comparisons out there, I mean the unit works great with your Xbox One,

xbox one power supply

there was no problem, no loud noise to the point where I felt like it was going to melt, I didn’t feel any kind of fusion and plastic or anything like that, but again, like I said, I have been using it for over two weeks in a extremely hot room during the summer and I did well at the end I will give this product five times out of five because I have had no problems in the past two weeks under the most severe weather conditions in my room honestly it works great as i have says if you need a replacement this is probably the cheapest way to go about this or if you want something like this to throw in your travel bag to take with you so you don’t have to not disconnect it from your entertainment section, then that’s another way to go, but if you have any questions let me know in the comments section below


  • Input: AC 100-240V ~ 4.91A 47-63Hz
  • Output: DC 220W 12V–17.9A; 5Vsb–1A
  • Product Dimension(L*W*H): 170*74*52(mm)
  • The auto voltage allows the adapter power supply to be used in all over the world.
  • AC Cord Length: 1.2m
  • DC cord Length: 1m
  • Weight: 1.64 pounds


  • 1. Latest/Quietest Version
  • Made great improvements on the cooling fan and inner structure of brick, no noise, more quite and provide a longer life.
  • 2. LED status
  • Orange Light: Connected to the power but not working Green Light: Charging well, bliking/off shows there is a fault operation.
  • 3. A special IC switch
  • To prevent over-charge / over-heat / over-discharge / over-current / short circuit.
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