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Xbox one headset adapter – Review and setup + Best Price

today I’m going to be reviewing the Xbox one headset adapter let’s get to it so as you guys all know the standard Xbox One controller has a special port for its headsets so if you have like an old Xbox headset or you have a different pair of headphones that you want to use you can’t plug them into that after your next box headset, but I purchased this from Amazon for about $34

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Review & setup

Xbox one headset adapter
it’s got a 3.5-millimeter jack on it, what you do is you just plug this right into the bottom here
it also comes with this 2.5 to 3.5-millimeter adapter
so if you have an old turtle beach headset for the Xbox 360 like I do you can assert it into here
and then you can plug it into here
you can control the game and your chat volume by pushing these buttons

and then you have full functionality just like how you did with the Xbox 360 controller, so you got the mute and then you can control the game and your chat volume by pushing these buttons and then you got the volume controls right here


which i think is really nice and convenient or if you don’t feel like using an old Xbox 360 headset you can use your own pair of headphones whatever you got I prefer to use my beats by dre studios I know a lot of you probably think these are pretty crappy but I personally like them and I think they have nice sound quality


the unfortunate thing is with the beats I’m pretty sure the mic does not have any functionality when it comes to in-game but I do have some earbuds that came with my Samsung Galaxy s5 and the mic on their works and same with the mic for my Samsung Galaxy s3, I guess the headphones are the same but I would say a good majority of most mics you will have functionality with that and I think this Xbox one headset adapter is a really nice purchase

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