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wii u usb helper [ download + fix + use ]

Wii U USB Helper is one of the best tools to save your Wii U and 3DS games, DLC, backups and updates on PC. Software to be used in strict compliance with intellectual property laws


The software allows you to download 3DS and Wii U games, backups but also updates and DLCs, additional content in the form of extensions. The download manager is one of the most successful encountered, it allows an automatic extraction of games, the management of a queue and a host of actions to perform once the download is complete.

It is also possible to load the games on SD cards or directly on the console with a few mouse clicks. Note also the integration of the Cemu emulator to enjoy Wii U and 3DS games directly on PC.

How To Use

What You Need

  • PC
  • A connection
  • USB Helper Installer

Step 1: The tools

  1. Download the executable USBHelperInstaller
  2. Before launching it, if you had an old version, follow step 2 to manually clean up the traces

Step 2: installing Wii U USB Helper

  1. Launch the executable USBHelperInstaller
    NB: Let the process continue!
  2. Allow it in the firewall when requested
    NB: Let the process end!
  3. A window appears, accept the conditions first and click on your region
    Accept the disclaimer that appears!
  4. Choose your storage folder for the data
  5. NB: It’s up to you to create one or select one that suits you!
  6. A window will appear, enter the URL for Wii U and wait!
  7. NB: The one concerning 3DS no longer works!
  8. Authorize again in the firewall!
  9. Wii U USB Helper launches!


Cleaning old Wii U USB Helper installations

This step is to be done, if and only if, you had used USB Helper before. If this is your first installation, it is not necessary and you can go to step 3!

  1. Start Windows
  2. Execute
  3. Enter% appdata%
  4. Delete the USB_HELPER folder if still present
  5. Redo Execute
  6. Enter% localappdata%
  7. Delete the Hikari06 folder if present
  8. Cleaning is complete, go to step 3

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