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Wii u pro controller – review & tips buy it from Amazon with the best price

the Wii U pro controller is the most familiar controller that Nintendo has ever created, it looks like the Xbox 360 controller and it’s not a bad thing,

wii u pro controller

design wii u pro controller

the pro controller all has the same buttons as the 360 ​​although some are in different positions, it has similarities select and start the buttons a home and power button the four familiar buttons two triggers Zr and ZL two bumpers RI and l2 analog sticks and a d-pad the triggers are digital and not analog, this which means they only have one on and off input sensitivity this is a disappointment for games that require precise trigger input like runners and shooters, this d-pad is the d-pad Typical and very familiar Nintendo and it works perfectly, it is not mushy like the 360 ​​and responds with a level of precision which makes it an appropriate mark of the Nintendo

wii u pro controller

New Generation Consoles With Similar D-pads

Nintendo patent on the d-pad expired in 2005, so it is possible that we will see new generation consoles with similar D pads, but for now, all this is the Nintendo price like the Wii U gamepad the analo The g sticks are symmetrical perfectly aligned on the same vertical axis The symmetrical sticks are not ideal but they are surprisingly easy to use and by no means a decisive factor

No Headphone Jack in Wii u Pro Controller

wii u pro controller

the Wii U pro controller is intended for hardcore players, but few shows are absolutely disconcerting at first, the Wii U pro controller does includes no headphone jack, so voice chat will need to be done via the Wii U controller

Battery Life

when you consider the battery life of game controllers is three to five hours and the fact that the gamepad needs to be sit next to you on your couch and the Wii U gamepad requires a plug to charge, you can already tell how bad this lack of headphone jack will be for hardcore gamers.

wii u pro controller

which is certainly not devastating but certainly us, the Wii U pro controller has an impressive autonomy of 80 hours even better when it is time to charge it, you you can use any microUSB cable you probably already have a lot of, unfortunately a console will need to be on to charge the pro controller but you can still charge it bear with your laptop’s USB and it only takes four to five hours to fully charge as 80 hours of battery life is pretty much unprecedented for controllers


secondly, the Wii U often requires that you do simple actions via the joystick so that you cannot perform certain functions such as changing system parameters from the pro controller alone, this propensity to rely on models and the joysticks of the gamepad.
a few other quirks remain, but none of them is fatal, for example, by holding down the power button, the Wii U starts, but not your professional controller, so you must press the button and hold it or vice versa to start both,

Wii u Pro Controller and Xbox 360 controller

wii u pro controller

if you like the Xbox 360 controller, you’ll like the professional controller they are largely built from the same mold that Nintendo kept the slim profile and the ability to charge with a micro USB cord is a huge win. Symmetrical sticks won’t be for everyone the lack of a headphone jack is ridiculous and the shiny finish shows coarse spots at all times, but for $ 42.98 you can already say that the professional controller will be the option essential for games that do not depend on the many features of joysticks

Instructions For Use:

  • Press the power button ofthe handle. If the four LED channel indicators are not flashing, it means thatthe handle is not powered. You need to charge the handle first.
  • Turn on the Wii U host andturn on the necessary accessory devices, such as monitors.
  • Open the handle: Press thepower button of the handle, the four LED channel indicators will flash quickly.
  • Press the red code buttonSYNC on the front of the Wii U main unit, then press the red code button SYNCon the back of the handle. An LED on the handle will be on for a long time,indicating that the code is successful and the handle is ready for use.


  • Do not charge the handle near fire or other heat sources;
  • The built-in battery of theproduct should not be discarded with the garbage.

[Original] Wii u Pro Controller

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