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Best ps3 charging cable – Energizer review and tips

I’m sure many of you already know and if you have a Playstation 3 you know the accompanying ps3 charging cable is ridiculously short I have made a comparison of the charging cord for the PlayStation 3 with that of the prosecution in court for the Xbox 360 a few months ago on my ass between your two systems and in this article

ps3 cable Vs cable Xbox 360

you can see that the cord of the 360 ​​is in is twice as long as that for the PlayStation 3 yes oh really it was my biggest complaint with the PlayStation 3 is the length of the cord when you unroll this thing it is only a few feet long and it is difficult for me if i sit in my recliner this is the car for me to reach you know this distance from the recliner to the tv so i was looking for a longer ps3 charging cable

where buying a Best ps3 charging cable?

I was actually looking for Amazon online just to sell a new kit from the owner of the Playstation 3 which came with an extended cable as well as an additional joystick, but those no longer seem to be there.

I found on amazon this investment to buy it is the charging cable of the energizer for the PlayStation 3 and it is listed as being 6 feet long but I find it hard to believe that you are putting 60 inches of cable inside a box like this so let’s check it out well in the box.

you just have a box itself and this little plastic container with the cord for the cable and of course it’s like your PlayStation 3 cord with the micro USB here and the real USB here and that’s what you have plugged in and i’m sure it’s not six feet is going to be checked enough because it’s about the same length as the actual PlayStation 3 cord no difference in length as you put this two side by side right L ‘Energizer is longer

Buy Energizer Cable

you know, look the picture, it’s not just nearly afoot, but it’s not as far as I would do as long as I was hoping, you certainly know there aren’t six feet anyway like i said, this is the charging cord Energizer, i just want to do a quick unpacking and a review show you if you are looking for alternatives to the current charging cable, there are a few, some I recommend hopping on and getting them while they’re still available

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ps3 charging cable


  • Charge your PS3 controller directly from your PS3 console.
  • 6-foot charge cable gives you room to roam.
  • Officially licensed by Energizer.
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