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How To Jailbreak Ps3 on Firmware 4.85 or Lower

if you have a PlayStation 3 running firmware 4.85 or lower how you can jailbreak it using ps3 exploits latest tools I want to give a big thank you to the ps3 exploit team for all the hard work that they have done working on these and keeping them maintained for the latest firmware it’s been absolutely fantastic using these solutions here so it’s been fun to present them to you all but anyways we are going to need a few things here first

What You Need ?

  • PS3
  • mini USB cablewe
  • will also need a few downloads so having
  • flash drive formatted to fat32

Checking Compatibility

Go ahead and move over to our PC because one of the first things we need to do before we spend too much time on this is determine if your ps3 is jail breakable because not every ps3 can be jailbroken now here I’m going to direct you to the ps3 developer wiki and every single page but let’s go ahead and get our models out of the way so first of all let’s go ahead and take a look at this photo here

if you have a FAT ps3 the one on the far right you can jailbreak regardless of what firmware you’re on as long as you’re on 4.85 or lower you can jailbreak with this tutorial we just need to determine the Flash type if you have a super-slim the one all the way to the far left you cannot jailbreak at all

you can take a look at your ps3 slim versions and you have a model number you have to look at this on the back of your ps3 and there is a sticker which is there if you have a CEC H 2000 model you’ll be able to jailbreak

if you have a 2100 model you will be able to jailbreak however if you have a CEC H 2500 you might be able to jailbreak it’s also worth mentioning here that the ps3 3000 series which is a regular slim model cannot be jailbroken at all but again if you have a regular slim regardless of the model number where that shows up on your sticker

How To Jailbreak Your Ps3

Step 1

for this step you will need to go to the ps3 exploit site and there’s going to be a few messages here that will pop up you can just read through them if you want to and press ok on them and we need to download the minimum version checker

how to jailbreak ps3
so for this you go down to flash writer go to click download min ver pup and save this somewhere easily

I’m going to save this to a ps3 folder on my desktop now this tutorial is also going to need to require manipulating and renaming some files so in order to do this I also recommend to if you’re using Windows for example go to view and enable file name extensions that way your filenames will show up so right here it’s just saying men vert check but if I enable it I see that that’s a zip file and that’s going to be really important to stay accurate

on here so the first thing you’ll need to do is right click and extract this into its own folder now go into min vert check there is a ps3 folder and update folder and the ps3 update dot pup file

from here grab a flash drive right click and format it to fat32
copy out the entire ps3 folder into your flash drive

go back to our ps3 now since I’m on a fat ps3 I’m not worried about this but again if you are on a slim you need to do this if you’re on a super slim do not continue with the tutorial you should not be here

Checking your ps3 with ( minvertcheck )

go over to your settings go up to system update
make sure you have your flash drive plugged in with that update file go to update via storage media
press ok
if your number says three point five six or lower you can jailbreak your system and you can continue with this tutorial

if your system says anything higher than three point five six right here you cannot continue and if you continue you will break your system and render it inoperable


so this is where you need to determine if you have a fat system again if you have a slim you use (nor) but if you have a fat models A through G use (NAND) any other model after G such as L and my experience here is going to be using (nor) keep that in the back of your head

how to jailbreak ps3
so now to continue along with everything let’s go ahead and get our downloads sorted here so the first thing we need to do regardless of what firmware we’re on is we need to update to 4.85 hfw it’s not a custom firmware it’s a hybrid firmware even if you’re on regular 4.85

install hybrid firmware ( 4.85 hfw )

right click and extract your hfw to its own folder go into that folder
you’re gonna have two files a ps3 update file and this empty folder and both of them will come in handy
so first of all copy out your ps3 update file go to your flash drive ps3 update delete the existing update file and then paste the new update file in
you will need to also rename this in order

you can install official firmware 4.85 and then install hfw 4.85 but i just recommend installing hfw

press the start button and remove the default web page from here and we need to go to
press Start wait for it to launch and there are these little messages which they do change so if they’re different by the time you watch this
what we need so go to dump flash to USB and remember before where I said you need to pick either NAND or nor

remember if you have a slim system you’re doing this on you pickin or if you have a fat system you need to determine if it is NAND or nor since mine is nor this is the page I’m going to use and again I’m going to do the dump flash to USB so
press X

so you can press ok press the select button and add it to the bookmarks so there we go that is our nor

go back to this page go to the flash writer 4.85 hfw write files from USB and pick nand or nor depending directly on your system I’m gonna pick Nor

so now press the triangle button go to tools and we’re going to delete all of our history so deletes cookies delete search history

Write Flash

4.85 Flash Writer NOR/NAND

extract it to its own folder and inside of here there

should be a flash four eight five hex file don’t rename this don’t mess with it just simply copy it and paste it to the root of your flash drive
go to the internet browser and ps3xploit you need select write flash from usb and nor or nand

now go down to initialize exploitation

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