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FIFA 20 Pc Full Download For Free

The old FIFA saga created by Electronic Sports’ sports games division, EA Sports, remains in very good health. Just look at FIFA 20 Pc, the new part of the ultimate soccer simulator that has been updated for the 2019-2020 season with improvements in the simulator that affect graphics and game play and, of course, with the training of all the teams that are part of the database.

FIFA does not need a presentation. It is the most popular football video game, with PES, and has millions of players worldwide. The reason is that it offers a game experience with a simulator that is difficult to match, better graphic quality each year, the advantage of having the official training of the teams that are part of its database every year (face Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer opponent) or the most important official national and international competitions (the Champion’s League, French Ligue 1, Spanish LaLiga, English Premier League, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, UEFA Europa League …).

What’s new in FIFA 20 Pc

We already know the historic virtues of EA Sports football. Here are the options that make the 2019-2020 season version special and the improvements available:

  • With the VOLTA Football mode, football returns to its origin and purest essence: the street. The player can now play street games where the big stars started before setting foot on the grass. The game adapts to this environment with new techniques, watermarks and animations, but also with new environments and scenarios that take the player around the world. Here you can create and customize your players however you want (physical appearance and even celebrations). It is a game mode which includes fast matches, story mode, leagues
  • Improvements in the simulator were divided into three aspects: with the ball (like improving coherent movement or new shooting trajectories), without the ball (like natural movements or the defense of redesigned AI) and on own balloon. FIFA 20 Pc
  • Improvement and update of other aspects like watermarks, emotions during matches, 50/50 entries, high passes, location of referees …
  • Ultimate Team continues to be there to build the team of your dreams. This mode includes 88 iconic players like the great legends Drogba, Essien, Garrincha, Zidane, Garrincha or Kenny Dalglish among others. The season goals have also been changed and increased and there are new customization options for you to give your club your own style.
  • Race Mode continues to evolve and applies changes requested by the user community and which affect mainly the manager. It now adds press conferences and conversations with players. Additionally, morale can affect player stats and even the whole team.
  • Licenses continue to grow: the game already has more than 30 leagues, 700 clubs and 17,000 players. Also UEFA competitions like Champions League, Europa League and Super Cup.
  • The number of stadiums increases to 90.

FIFA 20 Pc Download

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