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cemuhook + CEMU [ How to Install Wii U Emulator ]

history of Cemu

cemuhook and CMU for those that don’t know is a Wii U emulator .
released in 2015 it’s still in its early days as far as the emulation is concerned a Narbo it’s completely developmental it runs a lot of games really smoothly and it even runs games in 4k using built-in graphics packs


what is cemuhook

cemu is the bass emulator and CMUhook is a plug-in that adds a few extra performance features to the bass emulator.
cemuhook is optional but it’s highly recommended as some games will have text and some games won’t even play cutscenes without it

what you need?


you can also follow this tutorial for install cemu emulator on pc


  • 4 gigabytes of RAM
  • 8 gigabytes Gpu ( recommended Nvidia / AMD )


  • I’ll be testing out on a g6 1080 with 16 gigabytes of RAM
  • a laptop with a DC x 1050 also with 16 gigs of ram
  • it goes without saying to make sure all your graphic drivers are up to date


install Cemu Wii u emulator

download Cemu Wii u emulator, move it to an appropriate folder I’m just gonna make one on my desktop called cemu

you drag it in
extract the contents of the zip file using either 7-zip or clicking the windows extractor you can now delete the dot zip file
you double click the CMU Exe file and there you go you have just installed

install cemuhook

we will install CEMU hook again this is optional but it does help with compatibility and some text issues so download Cemuhook

once he’s finished downloading ..
drag it into your CEMU folder
and then move it into the folder which the emulator is in..
right click and extract all the files here and you can out do it the zip file
once you’ve done that launch see me again by double clicking the cemu.exe again
so to finish the installation you click download now it

download games

you are now ready to emulate we you can dump your games and play Zelda Brad for the world in 4k resolution at 60 frames per second if you have a machine powerful enough or if you like me you can play some of your favorite Wii U games ,and for downloading games wii u you can use wii u usb helper here

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