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Cemu Emulator Wii U on PC [ Tutorial ]

After the recent release of an emulator named cemu by developer Exap, many guys don’t know how to start a game, which is not obvious so I’m here making this tutorial for beginners with game emulation Wii U on pc.

Required configuration

  1. Windows 7 (x64) or above.
  2. OpenGL 4.0 (4.5 is used if available).
  3. RAM: 4 GB minimum, 6 GB or more recommended.

Compatibility of the graphics card:

  • NVIDIA GPU:. Works as expected on the most recent driver.
  • AMD GPU: Works as expected most of the time with updated drivers, may crash occasionally.
  • Intel GPU: Not officially supported. Heavy visual glitches.

Dernière version :

setup guide for CEMU emulator in its latest version 16.0

Step 1 [ Download ]

Step 2

  • we will extract Cemu in its own folder
  • then let’s open this folder and drag and drop our senior zip file one more time
  • right click
  • select 7-zip and instead of selecting the entire extract, select this
  • this will give you a assisted DVT data DL and a Keystone DLL
  • the two files that are needed to patch a use for such graphics packs as clarity and FPS +

You should get the folder as in the picture


Now that you’ve done all of this, I’m going to show you how to update an older version of Cemu Emulator that you may already have installed on your system so that your folder looks something like this all you need to do to update is to recover all these files that you have just extracted select copy then paste these files on your old select replace the files in the destination and that’s roughly what is your old version of Cemu updated to its latest version 1.16.0 see all your settings are saved and everything should be a 1 meaning you can just jump straight in and play games straight away

Step 3 ( set up your graphics packs )

now I’m also going to be showing you how to set up your graphics packs and switch over to the Vulkan API but
for now I’m going to continue with this a fresh installation procedure for the latest Cemu new version everyone should be doing this

you must right click on the selected properties to select the compatibility
select the compatibility
execute as administrator
disable full-screen optimizations
click on this DPI button
select the check boxes making sure to select it by application,
click OK

you are now done with Cemu Emulator

Step 4 ( configurations )

we’re going to actually be launching at the emulator for the first time and getting all of its configurations have done and out of the way.
so when you launch it for the first time it’s gonna look pretty empty like this

the bottom of the screen you can see the Cemu plug-in or Cemu hook is installed what you want to do next is click this button it you would download
once downloaded we’re going to come to options and we’re gonna go over some of the general settings

I’m gonna show you how to set up your mlc pads and a game folders in order to properly use them on this emulator in the most efficient way possible

this is your mlc path this is going to be storing your game updates DLCs and saves and your game path

what you should be doing for the most efficient usage of space is to create this folder a titled Cemu Emulator a backup on a secondary Drive which has a lot of storage

what we want to be doing is storing a Cemu on our operating system drive then storing your games updates DLCs and save files in a completely a different place to do this you’re going to create this Cemu Emulator

into this folder you want to create another folder right-click again select new folder and call it MLC01 add just like you see here
we’re gonna be coming back to our general settings area MLC path and click these three dots
next navigate back to whichever disc on which you stored it

Get Wii u Games

come to your Cemu Emulator a backup mlc01 folder and
select folder if you created this MLC folder in the past you need to reselect your mlc path or it’s not going to correctly a detector updates DLCs and saves next you want to select whichever folder you have stored your downloaded

you can see all of mine are right here instead of individually selecting each game what you want to do is select the actual folder which contains the games

to download wii u games you can use the software wii u usb helper
so select ok and select the folder and all of your games are going to refresh into the games list
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