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3ds Cia [ Download Directly And Safely ]

As we all know, we can now easily play 3DS games on all Nintendo 3DS models without having to pay for the official cartridge, either by .3ds dumped or leaked ROMs, or by games in .cia format used for CFW 3DS. Whichever it is, it’s much more practical and economical. Just find a place to download the game files over the network. Today I will recommend specialized and above all reliable sites in 3DS ROM.

What is A 3ds Cia ?

Players think a 3ds ROM is great, and it doesn’t run homebrew or custom firmware. So players prefer to run CIA games. But it is not easy to convert a ROM in 3ds format to a cia ROM. These cia roms are created using 3ds roms, you cannot play them directly, you need Devmenu software for installation, or it needs a CFW, a CIA game cannot be launcher under the system OFW.

.cia format games are dematerialized (as purchased on the eshop). They must be installed on a emuNAND (virtualized NAND) and can therefore start without a 3DS linker.
.3ds format games do not need to be installed but must be launched from a linker compatible with 3DS roms
These games are very different for a player from the Nintendo 2DS, 3DS and New3ds XL family.

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best website for download 3ds cia

We are still looking for a site that provides all popular 3DS games in .3ds and .cia in order to be able to launch them for free on a 3DS with linker or without linker. Players who want to play 3DS games like Pokémon Sun and Moon, Monster Hunter X, Pokémon X and Y, Super Mario 3DS Bros etc. is lucky now

website for download games in Format .cia


1) Transfer CIA games to your SD card

Like homebrews, you obviously have to transfer your CIAs to your 3DS before you can install and launch them. It is customary to copy them to a directory named “cias” located at the root of your console’s SD card.

2) Use FBI for install (.cia)

That’s it, did you successfully install and launch FBI? Perfect, let’s move on to the most interesting part: using the utility to install our famous CIA!
Once the program has started, you should see the interface below.

  • The first option, “SD”, allows access to the contents of his SD card. So press [A], because that’s the one we’re interested in. Navigate to the “.cia” file that you want to install. Une fois votre fichier « .cia » mis en surbrillance, appuyez sur  A
  • Bien évidemment, choisissez la première, « Install CIA ». Une confirmation vous sera demandée, acceptez-la.

website for download games on fbi derectly in your 3ds (QR CODE)


use FBI for download games directly in your 3ds

  • (Necessary To Have A Stable Internet Connection)
  • -Enter the FBI
  • -Select (Remote Install)
  • -Select (Scan QR Code)
  • -Scan the image
  • -Accept Installation (Yes- (A))

You Can Also Use Usb Helper For Downloading Games 3ds Here

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