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best 3ds case – Brendo Hard Case – review

today I’m going to be reviewing the Brendo Hard Case for the New Nintendo 3DS XL.
This 3ds case can also fit other DS systems except for the original DS and the 2DS.
This case is awesome if you want to protect your 3DS, and want to hold some extra games and accessories.



I have the black color right now, but it also comes in other different colors…like blue, red, and green. Go check out the links in amazon if you’re interested

3ds case

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the front of the case is pretty plain, except you have their logo on the bottom right corner, which just looks like a cool decoration.
The back is plain, and the zippers are metal.
There are two zippers so that you can zip it up on either side.
There is also a wrist strap that is removable if you don’t want it there.
When you unzip the case, you are greeted with the game holders and accessories.
On the top of the case, you get a decently large mesh pocket to hold your accessories.

Accessory pocket

The accessory pocket is cool and all, but…
I think the thing that makes this case so special is that it can hold 24 games!
Yup, you heard me. 24 games!
I can hold more than enough games that could keep me busy for a while.
The game holders are basically tiny mesh pockets.
They’re a little tight at first, but they’ll stretch out once you put a game inside.
You also get a stylus holder to hold an extra stylus, just in case you lose your original one.
There is a mesh pocket that holds your DS so that it won’t fall out if you drop your case with the zipper unzipped.
I gotta give props to Brendo for this.

3ds case


It’s almost impossible for your DS to fall out accidentally!
With that being said, it isn’t difficult at all to remove the DS if you want to take it out and play with it.
The flap that touches the DS is very soft so it won’t scratch it
I even dropped it from about 4 feet up on purpose, and as you can see, everything is fine.


The only downside that I see with this 3ds case is that it gets a little bulky when it’s full.
But I think it’s a worthy trade-off because you could hold a bunch of accessories and games that will keep you busy for hours on end.

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